Grandpa Was a Rock Hound!

My Grandpa Merle was a rock hound. He owned his own rock cutter and polisher. I remember the rock polisher and thinking it was some kind of washing machine because it was huge! We're talking the 1960s here. I have no idea what rock polishers look like these days, other than the small one Ian has that holds just a few rocks at a time. My Grandma Myrtle had half-gallon milk cartons full of his polished rocks. Here is a sampling of some:

This summer we are taking the kids on a mini vacation to the Oregon Coast and Northern California. I'm hoping we will be able to do some agate hunting when we are at the coast.


And they're off!

It's the annual Daddy-Daughter Dance tonight, something Kaitlin and Bill look forward to each year.


Purina Busy Bones

The reason they call them BUSY Bones is becuase you will be BUSY cleaning up your dog and your carpet when they get done with them.

Once the Busy Bone gets wet and crumbly it turns to the texture of lumpy paste. Mabel and Connor had paste from their nose and whiskers to their toes. It took some serious scrubbing with a wet rag to get them presentable.

I did try to keep the dogs on an old blanket while they were eating them, but apparently I was not Alpha enough because they did what they wanted (Yes, I DO watch the Dog Whisperer, what's your point?!?). Needless to say, when they finished, I was shampooing the carpet.

Quote of the Day

"You are never going to achieve anything unless you get started."
- John Mellencamp