Fast Dogs

Greyhounds are the BEST dogs in the world. Did you know they are couch potatoes? Seriously!

We lost our lab mix, Max, at the end of February. He was 10 and suffered from vomiting, lethargy and bloody diarrhea. It was horrible. His food hasn't been on the recall list, but I'm still watching that.

I've always wanted a greyhound, but for whatever reason, we never got one. Until Max passed. Then I e-mailed
Royal Hounds. It was just a whim. Just to ask a few questions. The next thing I know one of the volunteers, Sue, called me and we spent an hour on the phone talking about greyhounds. A new batch of greyhounds were coming out from Colorado the upcoming weekend and if we wanted to get one we would have to be approved and let them know in the next couple of days. A few hours later, another volunteer, Kathy, called me and arranged a home visit. She and another Volunteer, Vicki, came out the following afternoon with two greyhounds, Autumn and Gracie. Bill immediately fell in love and the dogs loved him. They were so happy they chattered their teeth to show him how much they enjoyed his attention.

We gave Kathy our deposit and started waiting impatiently for Saturday to get here and the hounds to arrive.
We received a phone call from Sue asking if we would be interested in Mabel, a tripod. I had mentioned in our first phone conversation seeing Mabel on Almost Home for Hounds, a grehyound rescue in Colorado. That comment stuck with Sue and I told her Bill and I would talk it over. Our biggest concern was how the kids would feel about having a 3-legged dog and if they would get upset if other kids made fun of her. Ian and Kaitlin proved us completely wrong. They said they didn't care if she had three legs, she still deserved a good home and they wanted to offer that to her. So we called Sue back and said, yes, we would take Mabel.

Saturday arrived and we were notified that the hounds were late. Heather Weir, the veterinarian from Almost Home for Hounds in Colorado drives the dogs out ALL BY HERSELF. I think she had 30-some dogs, stopping in Utah and California to drop some dogs off. Can you even IMAGINE taking 30 dogs out to relieve themselves??? ALL BY YOURSELF? Not to mention that there were some troubles with the "bus" that had to be fixed along the way.

Saturday afternoon we spent at Kathy's house in our 2-hour greyhound adoption class, meeting other adopters and volunteers. We got our welcome kits and then were sent home to do some more WAITING as the dogs were to arrive Sunday morning.

Sunday morning we headed on back to Kathy's where we met Heather and Mabel. I think it was love at first sight.

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