My Sir Ralph's Stay Will be Short

We picked up My Sir Ralph on Saturday, August 25th to foster until he found his forever home. We got the call yesterday that a woman in Canada is adopting him. She just lost her 5-1/2-year-old "Blue" to osteosarcoma and Ralph will be her healer. Anyone who has had to have a pet euthanized knows what I'm talking about. Some people may think you are callous to get another pet so soon; that you are trying to replace her, but it was the best thing I ever did when I had my BEST cat EVER put to sleep a couple of years ago. I had a new kitten in a week and it worked wonders.

My Canadian friend has been a grey mom for many years and already has a female to keep Ralph (soon to be known as Fangio, or Gio for short) company. She will make a great mom to Ralph.

Oh, and check out his racing statistics. He is hilarious!

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